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posted Apr 23, 2018, 8:58 AM by Wendy Judson ‎[Staff]‎
EARTH WEEK -  is taking place from April 23rd to April 26th, with events happening each day! On Monday, Earth Hour will take place. On Tuesday, we'll be doing the Great Seed Giveaway. On Wednesday we'll be having a 20 minute makeover and on Thursday, Ecofest will be taking place at Pilgrim Wood from 5pm to 9pm. Everyone is welcome! Please contact Ms. Kelly for more details.     YEARBOOK PROOFING -  A message to all students---have you checked the web to see that your picture and name that will be included in the yearbook are correct? Please follow the link at "" to find the google shared folder and page that includes your yearbook photo. Let us know if there is an error ASAP. Follow the instructions in this shared folder. Again, "". If there is an error, now is your chance to have it corrected. Do this today.