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posted Apr 23, 2018, 9:09 AM by Wendy Judson ‎[Staff]‎
CULTURE IN THE PARK - Thank you to all that made Culture in the Park an amazing event. Student council would personally like to thank the egalité council, Ms. Yomi, the staff and volunteers, all of the performers, all who donated to the event, the sound and lighting crew, the henna artists, and all those who attended the event!     EARTH WEEK - Happy Earth Week! Here's your environmental thought of the day: The trees are our lungs. The rivers our circulation. The air our breath. And the earth our body. -Deepak Copra      MODEL UN TEAMhad their third and final conference last week at the University of Toronto. Our delegates performed very well, with a very successful outcome overall. Throughout the year these group members have worked very hard, meeting twice a week to practice the skills needed to be successful in debating and resolving real world issues. In three different conferences, comprised of many delegates representing all of the countries in the world, our delegates have been among the best performers. As a team, our delegates have always supported one another to make sure that each member is prepared, practiced and successful - any delegate awards presented to any our members is a direct result of that commitment to one another. This conference was no exception; Abbey Park once again received seven delegate awards, bringing our season total to an unprecedented 20 awards!    Mr. Stubbert would like to thank all of the 2018 Abbey Park MUN members for their hard work and overall commitment to both the team and each other.         LINK CREW APPLICATIONS - Today is the last day to submit Link Crew applications. Please hand your applications in to Guidance by 3:00       JUNIOR RUGBY Would the following students please stop at the library right after announcements: Andrew Cautisanu, Adam Hill, Jason Jones, Kyle Pare, Chris Parsons, and Daniel Sanders.