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posted Sep 17, 2019, 6:22 AM by Wendy Judson ‎[Staff]‎
Are you passionate about equity, inclusion, positive school climate and social justice? Will you like to be a part of organizing fun cultural events such as rice of the world, the celebration of lights, henna tattoos and more? Well, you’re in luck, because Abbey Park’s Egalité council is back up and running this year. On Wednesdays, come to Room 111 during the second half of period 3, the first half of period 4 and also after school on Wednesdays. You can help us brainstorm ideas for December’s Winterfest theme! This Council is a great way to contribute positively to our school, meet new people and get volunteer hours for some of our school events! All grades are welcome!

See you on Wednesdays in the Cosmo room!