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Student Handbook - General Information
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Appropriate Attire

Students will dress in a neat, clean, safe and inoffensive manner appropriate for the school-learning environment. Provocative clothing is not acceptable. Issues to consider are: length of skirts and shorts, width of top straps, exposed cleavage and midriff, and exposed underwear. Compliance is mandatory for all students. In cases of dispute, the Administration will decide upon the appropriateness of attire. 

Attendance & School Notification of Absence 

Students are required to sign into the office if they are late for any reason. If a student needs to leave school before 2:45 he/she must sign out of the office and provide a note from his/her parent/guardian. 

Parents should call the attendance line, 1-877-409-6310, before 8:10 a.m., if your child is going to be absent, or should send a note with your child on his/her return to school. Our computerized attendance system, SYNREVOICE, will call home or notify parents by e-mail every time an absence is not reported in advance to the school. If you are planning to have your child away from school for an extended period of time, you must complete a student leave of absence form, which can be picked up in the main office. 

Good attendance and student success are linked together. Students benefit from regular interaction with their teachers and classmates. It is expected that students will attend all classes regularly and punctually. Absence is only acceptable in the case of illness, family emergencies, medical appointments or reasons approved by the school. It is a pupil's responsibility to see teachers promptly on return to school after a legitimate absence to make up missed work. Unauthorized absence from school hinders a student's performance and will result in disciplinary action, parental interviews and possible suspension from school. 

There is a link available at under Parents Info > Quick Links>Online Student Information System where daily attendance, timetable and credit history are accessible to parents of students under 18 years of age. You will need your child's 9-digit student number to access this information. 


The cafeteria sells hot lunches and refreshments from 10:45-1:00. The cafe opens at 7:45 selling various breakfast foods. Students should make sure they clean up after themselves. 

Change of Address/Telephone Number/ E-Mail 

Changes of address, telephone number or e-mail should be reported to the guidance office or main office immediately. 

Computer Use  

Computer use is a privilege not a right: 

Before entering a computer lab, the teacher checks and verifies that all mice and keyboards are present. Students will always be in a lab with a teacher. The following are the computer rules: 

. No food, drink, or chewing gum.
. No games of any kind, Internet chat, instant messaging, or personal email nor inappropriate sites.
. No downloading of music, shareware, freeware, and evaluation copies of software from the Internet.
. Students may only use the front USB ports (not the rear ports) to insert their memory sticks or devices into. If they don't fit in the front ports, students can purchase an adapter cable.
. Students are not to use the CD ROM tray.
. No equipment is to be moved or changed by students or teachers, other than those teachers assigned to monitor the room.
. Do not unplug network cables to plug in your laptops. Laptops are permitted, but please do not unplug anything in the lab.
. Save work then log out (not shut down).
. Keep the lab clean for others.
. A student will be asked to pay for damaged equipment.
. Do not alter or move the physical set up of the workstation.
. Report any problems to the teacher in charge.

Inappropriate use of the computer as outlined above will be referred to the Administration for appropriate disciplinary action (including restitution for any damages incurred.) 

Exam & Final Summative Attendance 

Exams and summatives are worth the largest single percentage of a student's final mark. It is essential that all students are on time and most importantly, present for their exams and summatives. Make sure vacation time and other similar occasions aren't scheduled during exams and summatives. 
Medical notes are required for all illness related absences for summatives and exam evaluations. 

Fitness Room  

The fitness room is available for students to work out during lunches and for a limited amount of time after school: Check available days and times that the room will be supervised. Remember: 

. Respect the equipment.
. Always wear your proper gym attire.

Fire Drill 

In order to ensure that everyone can be cleared out quickly and safely fire drills occur from time to time. Please practice these tips when a fire drill is taking place. Remember: 

. Respect the equipment.
. Be sure you are familiar with the exit routes to every room or area in which you spend time during the day.
. Always leave by the specified route.
. Move quickly but don't run.
. Remain quiet so you can follow instructions.
. Once outside, keep at least 50 m away from the building.
. Return to class once the drill is over.
. Do not block any vehicle areas.


In order to maintain success in school, homework should be completed by the date your teacher specified. By keeping up with your homework it will only help you better understand what was discussed in class. Assignments should also be completed by the date specified by your teacher. Excellence in school is earned by working hard. 

Individual Health

Make sure to tell your teacher if you have health problems that may arise while in class (e.g. migraines, diabetes, asthma etc.) Also, make sure to update your health record on the Student Verification Form. 


The information technology library supports the curriculum needs and learning activities in the school. Students can use books, audio-visual, multi-media resources, and information technology from 7:45 to 3:45. Remember: 

. Fines are incurred and borrowing privileges are suspended if materials are not returned.
. Library staff is there for staff and student needs.
. Ask for help if you need it.
. Students are expected to return all textbooks, library books, and videos, at requested times and in good condition.

Life Threatening Allergies  

We have students and staff who are at risk of life threatening allergies. We need to keep them safe while at school, on school trips or at school-sponsored events. Please DO NOT bring products that might contain peanuts or tree nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, walnuts etc.) onto the school site. The scent of nuts may be enough to trigger an anaphylactic reaction, which could put individuals at extreme risk.

Link Crew   

Link Crew is a year-long mentorship program that pairs grade 9 students with grade 11 & 12 Link Leaders. Link Leaders welcome the grade 9 class on the first day of school and support them throughout their first year of high school with a variety of fun, informative and beneficial events and activities. 

Locks & Lockers  

. All lockers are assigned during registration. Assure that you are using the locker that was assigned to you or your lock will be cut off.
. Keep lockers in good condition; they are not your property.
. Administration has the right to search lockers if circumstances or damages allow.
. Only use Dudley locks. You can purchase them in the office for $6.00.
. Keep combination numbers confidential. You will not be given another lock if a student finds out your combo.
. When enrolled in a Physical Education class, a lock must be used in the change room. However it also MUST be removed at the end of every class. Students must ensure that their personal items are locked in the change room locker, as the school cannot be responsible for any missing items.

Office Telephone Use  

We cannot accept messages for students, except in emergencies. Please do not call with reminders of dental appointments, work schedules, forgotten lunches etc. Please give your child this information before school. Only emergency messages from parents will be passed on to students.  We do not allow students to use the office phones except to call home when they are ill. In that instance we do ask that they call from the office so that an office staff member can confirm with parents that the student has obtained permission to go home. 

Personal Items

If you do bring any item of value (personal electronic devices, cell phones, lap tops, MP3 players) it must be kept on your person at all times. The school cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

Prohibited Articles  

Be aware that students are prohibited from carrying articles such as pocketknives, Swiss army knives, laser pointers or any other piece of potentially harmful equipment. These items cannot be in a students backpack while in school or on a school related activity and they cannot be stored in school lockers. 


Being on time for school starts your day the right way! Do make an effort to be punctual for classes, meetings and other commitments. There are many positive benefits from being on time: it shows that you are responsible, that you value education, and that you don't want to miss anything going on at school! Establish a morning routine that includes getting up in enough time to have breakfast and to arrive well before the 8:05 bell. Your attention to this will simply lead to greater success in school and increased self-confidence. Get noticed and be here on time! 


Skateboard use and wearing roller blades are not allowed either in the school or on school property. When students arrive on school property, they will carry their skateboards or roller blades into the school and store them into their lockers. At the end of the school day, students will carry their skateboards or roller blades until off school property. 


Smoking is not permitted in the school or on the grounds of any Halton District School Board property. 

Student Photo/Identification  

All students will receive a school photo ID card during pre-registration. This will be your library card and will entitle you to sign out books and materials. Dates will be published on our school calendar for the photo makeup day and retake day. 

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