Dramatic Arts Department

Dramatic Arts at Abbey Park

At Abbey Park, we offer Dramatic Arts courses in all four grades, with a continuum that builds on the skills from the previous year.  

Students who take Drama gain transferable skills that help them in other courses (presentation skills, collaboration) and later for employability (interviews, group dynamics, project design & completion). In fact, studies have shown that Theatre/Drama graduates prevail in a number of business related careers and become assets to their companies because of their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

In addition, we have had many Abbey Park graduates who go on to various professional Theatre-related careers, and often come back to visit, coach, adjudicate or do workshops with our students.

Our extra-curricular life in the Abbey Park theatre is always busy too!  If you walk into our theatre, you may see our Improv Team hard at work, our Fall Production Cast and Crew running a rehearsal, or you may see our Student Directors preparing for our “in house” one act play festival, “Show of Hands”.  There is always something going on in our Drama Department.  You don’t even have to be taking a Drama course to participate !

Clue Production 2022

The Addams Family Promo - 2023

Clue Production Promo - 2022