School Council/Parent Council

We extend an invitation to all parents and guardians who wish to receive information and updates from APHS School Council. This is a great way to hear about opportunities and events going on within the school community. If you are interested, please use this link to submit your information:

APHS School Council Mailing List

There is an APHS Parents Group on Facebook to help us stay connected and informed. Please click on this link if you're interested in joining.

Meeting Dates 2022-2023

October 3 2022

November 14 2022

February 6 2023

April 17 2023

May 29 2023

School Council Members

Farah Shamim - Chair

Javier Yanez - Vice Chair

Marzia Fatima - Treasurer

Jianmin Zhang- Secretary

Mehrnoosh Faghih - Angel Fund Chair

Lewina Chow - Communications Lead

PIC Committee Chair - Chloe Park

Meetu Farrell - Voting Member

Ron Hassanwalia - Voting Member

Jas Sichit- Voting Member

Thank you to these parents for offering their time and energy to support and lead the APHS School Council this year.