School Council/Parent Council

We extend an invitation to all parents and guardians who wish to receive information and updates from APHS School Council. This is a great way to hear about opportunities and events going on within the school community. If you are interested, please use this link to submit your information:

APHS School Council Mailing List

School Council Members

Jim Driscoll - Chair

Chuks Ezeokafor - Vice Chair

Bhargavi Rajesh - Treasurer

Sherry Covert - Secretary

Jennifer Monte - Angel Fund Chair

Mohamad Chehab - Voting Member

Lewina Chow - Voting Member

Hannah McKinnon - Voting Member

Jinkyu Jeon - Voting Member

Gayathri Babu - Voting Member

Vilma Von Buren - Voting Member

Jaya Sridhar - Voting Member

Thank you to these parents for offering their time and energy to support and lead the APHS School Council this year.