Visual Arts Department

Visual Arts at Abbey Park

Visual Arts 9 and 10 classes at Abbey Park are designed as introductory courses in which students learn new techniques, experiment with new materials, look at and discuss Canadian and international art, and learn about early segments of Western art.  

In Visual Arts 11 and 12 at the University level (M), students learn more sophisticated techniques, experiment with more new media, and work to develop their own personal imagery or artistic message.  Not all our senior art students choose to go on to Art at a post secondary level but for students who choose to, all sketchbook and studio assignments are designed to use in the creation of portfolios for acceptance to art schools. 

We also continue our investigation into the history of Western art as well as view and discuss the very latest in contemporary art.   Students who want to experience art in a less formal way, and do not intend to go on to Visual Arts 12 may choose to take Visual Arts 11 at the Open level.  

Field trips are usually planned for all classes.  

A 'Virtual'Art Club runs after school every Tuesday and extra portfolio help is always available for our senior students.   

Besides displaying student art work in the halls, we also have an evening Art Show  towards the end of each semester.  

Examples of students art work