Welcome to the English Department

The English department at Abbey Park High School is comprised of a team of energetic and enthusiastic teachers who are committed to sharing their passion, appreciation, and understanding of all aspects of literature studies to our students.

We Believe That Literature = Life! And so do our students! In their words:

I read because it strengthens the mind.

I read to escape from my own world and become inspired by new characters.

I read to help become familiar with new vocabulary.

I read because it challenges my intellect and expands my vocabulary.

I read because I enjoy reading.

I read to immerse myself in a story.

I read to stay updated with current events in the news.

I read to learn new things and to understand peoples' viewpoints.

I read to understand and interpret others perspectives.

I read to experience and to be influences by other things outside myself.

I read because it takes me out of my life and puts me in someone else's.

An effective reader is one who not only grasps the ideas communicated in a text but is able to apply them in new contexts. To do this, the reader must be able to think and write clearly, creatively and critically about the ideas and information encountered in all forms of texts. The English curriculum focuses on developing the knowledge and skills that will enable students to become more effective readers and writers.

Enlish Teachers, Hanson, Beckwoth, Neufeld, Welsh, Weston dressed as Grease Characters for Halloween and sat in the Grease car

Halloween Grease is the Word !

Ms Hanson and Ms Beckwith cuddling two very cute black puppies

Therapy Dogs are always welcome in the English Department - they love reading too !